EMA, Aeroseal Conducting Webinar on Resolving Duct Leakage as an Energy Conservation Measure

Everyone agrees duct leakage in commercial buildings is a significant problem leading to wasted energy and increased operational costs. ASHRAE estimates that 75 percent of these buildings suffer 10-25 percent duct leakage. Unfortunately, quantifying the amount of waste and cost makes it difficult to include stopping leakage in a comprehensive energy retrofit plan. Addressing this issue is the topic of an upcoming free webinar, Sept. 7, 2017, 1:30 pm ET.

Seminar approved for AIA, LEED, CxA, EMP continuing education credits.

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After Hours Cx, Lessons Learned from K-12 Schools

Free Webinar: From CxEnergy 2017

Presented by EMA President Bob Knoedler & EMA Treasurer Jim Magee

Reducing energy costs is one of the few ways in which a school system can save money without affecting classroom instruction. Studies have shown that commissioning in the education sector can save 10-15 percent in energy costs. This presentation examines lessons learned from commissioning K-12 schools as well as the challenges presented by the owners, A/E teams and contractors.

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