Training & Education


The Energy Management Professional (EMP) Seminar is a one-and-a-half day program offered in preparation for the EMP Certification exam. The seminar provides a start to finish tutorial on the Energy Management Process that is detailed in the Energy Management Guideline. (Prior to taking the exam, it is highly recommended that examinees take the seminar; as well, reading and reviewing the Energy Management Guideline which is the primary study material for the certification.)

For more information and to register for a seminar, visit EMA's Energy Management Seminar Page.


In an effort to provide EMA industry professionals with updates in technology, trends, and tools for energy management, a series of webinars is being offered and developed by various industry leaders. Check this page soon for 2017 webinars from EMA!


EMA is a co-sponsor of CxEnergy, an annual conference and exposition that covers the latest technology and industry best practices for energy management and building commissioning.