Seminar & Certification Exam

The intensive one-and-a-half day seminar helps candidates understand the energy management process and how it can be applied. The seminar is open to the public for education purposes (just fill out registration form below or sign-up for the online course). In addition, it serves as final preparation for the Energy Management Certification Exam.

Steps to becoming EMP Certified:

  • EMP Certification is open to candidates who meet the education and experience requirements detailed in the EMP Application.
  • Complete an EMP Application
  • Complete Seminar & Exam Registration. The next Seminar & Exam takes place April 24-25, 2017 in Orlando FL in conjunction with CxEnergy 2017 (Register online for EMP Seminar & Exam and/or other CxEnergy events)
  • Review the  Energy Management Guideline, primary study material for the EMP exam.
  • Take the EMP Exam, immediately following the seminar (or within six months of date of purchase of online seminar or attending live seminar).


Special for CxEnergy only:

EMP Seminar & Exam $750 (a $400 savings)

EMP Validation Exam Free (Candidates who pass the exam become eligible for Certification)

For more information contact Ed Armstrong at 202 737-1334
or email:

Online Seminar

EMP (online) Seminar: $750 (Link to video)

Certification is renewable on an annual basis at the following fees:

Annual EMP Certification Renewal: $250

2017 Seminar & Exam dates:

April 24-25, 2017 EMP Seminar & Exam, Olando, FL, In conjuction with CxEnergy 2017 (Register online for EMP Seminar & Exam and/or other CxEnergy activities.)

Contact: Ed Armstrong at 202 737-1334 or for information on upcoming EMP Certification opportunities and/or the requirements for taking the EMP exam remotely.